Lascom Management Systems supplies total system solutions from the initial system set-up, involving the evaluation of system requirements and the recommendation of solutions to support the ongoing management and maintenance of the IT environment.

DICOM Radiology Solutions (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

We are an Authorised Distributor for DICOM Radiology Software Solutions for all types of medical imaging systems.


lasDICOM PACS Server is an easy to install and maintain PACS Server.


  • Multi-threaded Server
  • Auto-routing capabilities
  • Web Access for image administration and distribution
  • Web distribution with ZFP HTML5 Viewer
  • Full Windows viewer with reporting
  • CD Burning and printing capabilities
  • Administration application for configuration, Backup & Restore
  • Webserver for configuration changes and to access images through a Web browser
  • HTTP Dicom viewer client with complete processing capabilities
  • Advanced Version uses PostgresSQL Database including a Worklist Server

Includes support for the following DICOM services:

  • DICOM C-STORE SCP for most used SOP classes, with uncompressed Transfer Syntax and JPEG lossless, JPEG lossy and JPEG 2000 Transfer Syntaxes
  • C-FIND and C-MOVE SCP Study Root model
  • C-ECHO Verification as SCP

lasDICOM Workstation

lasDICOM Workstation is an easy to use DICOM Viewer with multiple tools that is designed for DICOM image processing and visualization. Compatible with any DICOM protocol Imaging System.


  • Microsoft Windows compatible
  • Complete DICOM Server (Store SCP, Query/Retrieve SCP)
  • Backup/Restore tools
  • DICOM/Windows Print
  • DICOM CD/DVDs creation, with incorporated viewer
  • Report creation, and saving as DICOM SR

lasDICOM Printserver

lasDICOM Printserver facilitates printing from any DICOM modality to any Windows paper printer thereby replacing Film printing.

lasDICOM Printserver is a DICOM Print Server which receives images from DICOM modalities and prints high quality images in either Grayscale or Colour to any Windows compatible printer. lasDICOM can handle multiple simultaneous associations.

It’s extensive calibration process allows precise matching per Modality. Allows for the customization of printed media.


  • True Size Printing
  • Presentation LUT Support
  • DICOM Store Server
  • JPEG Output


Convert your multimedia files into DICOM.


  • Supports the following formats:
    • JPEG, Bitmap and PNG images
    • Word, RTF or HTML Documents
    • PDF and MP4 files
  • Patient demographics can also be added by querying a PACS or DICOM worklist or added manually


lasDICOM CDROBOT Solution is an automated DICOM CD/DVD Solution. lasDICOM Printserver facilitates printing of CD/DVD studies from any DICOM modality or PACS


  • Centralized, multi-format disc publishing solution
  • Significantly reduces costs by eliminating expensive film
  • Ability to print from multiple modalities with a single licence makes the lasDICOM CD-Robot solution the preferred choice from a functionality and pricing perspective
  • Printed output can be customized to display practice and patients information
  • Designed for use with the Epson Discproducers


The lasDICOM WORKLIST SERVER integrates the study schedule with imaging equipment thereby eliminating any errors that may occur from manual data entries therefore speeding up the process.


  • Receive command from HL7 systems or HTTP Post/Get calls
  • Multiple modalities can be connected providing access to the scheduled studies